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How SEO Works in Practice – a Client Case Study

Nick de Klerk, responsible for Business Development & Strategy chatted to one of our clients Joe du Plooy (Marketing Director of Tiger Wheel and Tyre) about their online marketing efforts and especially the role of Search Engine Optimisation.

Joe du Plooy"I have been working with the team for the past 7 years and we have grown together in this relatively new environment to find the right approach that works for Tiger Wheel and Tyre"

Joe du Plooy

Marketing Director of Tiger Wheel & Tyre


Q What were your reasons for TWT entering the online marketing environment?
A TWT were the pioneers of PPC in the local market and started doing online marketing almost 10 years ago. Although we have focused our marketing efforts elsewhere for a while we recently got back into online. We have however always believed that online marketing is the most effective way to target customers effectively from both a geographical and demographical perspective. Therefore it is important for TWT to remain the leaders in online marketing in our industry.
Q What online marketing channels has TWT used in the past?
  • PPC
  • Banner advertising
  • Online sponsorships – Formula 1, Newsletters, sporting newsletters
  • Sponsored links
Q What is your understanding of the term Search Engine Optimisation?
A Optimizing the visibility of a website by category and keyword.
Companies need to be on first page of search results and to do so is an ongoing project as search engines change their algorithms constantly. So either you learn how to stay ahead or you pay someone to give you the best advice and keep you on top.
Q How important is online marketing and SEO in the overall marketing strategy of TWT?
A It is key in our overall strategy, we have quality traffic that converts into sales so we need to maximize that. SEO is as important as any other marketing channel that we may employ.
Q What reasons do you have for using SEO and banner advertising as the initial channels to advertise on online?
A Those channels work for our market, customers and target audience. Branding with banners is great – but we have found that you have to be careful as it can get expensive.

PPC on the other hand is fairly cost effective and successful when wanting to target specific markets and also for converting click to customers.
In our case sponsored links have always helped us with traffic and our SEO. We have found that people tend to click on the links to our site especially when looking for tyres and wheels.
Q Compared to TV, Banner, and newsletter advertising, would you say that SEO is a cheap marketing tool; comparable; or more expensive?
A If you don´t know what you are doing it can cost you a lot more in the long run than other advertising
However, if you are smart about it, and use a professional company then it can be beneficial and very cost effective.
Q How would you evaluate whether an SEO or online marketing campaign is working? Is it the number of estimated unique monthly visitors, number of conversion, number of top ten rankings you achieve, number of page views or the number of search referrals?
A I would say that it´s all of the above, or at least a combination of those factors
Q Right now, TWT pretty much owns the organic search real estate for your industry in South Africa, what would you be doing to ensure that this continues to happen going forward and would you recommend this as a beneficial tool to any industry players too?
A Yes, TWT is committed to using online marketing for its products going forward. The internet is here to stay, constantly growing and becoming even more economical with the advent of mobile services.