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Facebook Community Pages


Last month we spoke a little on Social Media Search and how it has changed. This time we will focus on Facebook, particularly the Community Pages and how, as well as why, you should claim your community page.

 Introduced by Facebook in April 2010, Community Pages are a form of Facebook Pages based on topics of interest to the community that are not maintained by a single author or brand. Instead, community pages are based on the concept of “shared knowledge” that underlies Wikipedia.

How does a Facebook Community Page work?
Basically, Community Pages are created based on what Facebook users have mentioned on their personal Facebook profiles.

Community Pages are meant to be “the best collection of shared knowledge on a topic” by anyone on Facebook. One of the reasons why this was created is due to anyone being able to create Facebook Pages in the past few years, resulting in many thousands of Pages having been created by fans themselves, who are not official representatives.

Community Pages, though, lack owners because they are intended to be about things that nobody owns. As a result, there is no central way to control a Community Page, and the publisher tool doesn’t send messages to users’ news feeds.

Instead, activity from the Page will only show in the feeds in the form of one-line stories if

  • You “like” the page.
  • If you comment on it.
  • If you “like” other comments on it.

Effects on search
In most cases, Community Pages seem to trump Official Pages in Facebook Searches. Also, when Facebook users opt-in to “connect” their profiles to pages, the connection is often to the Community Page, and not the Official Page.

What brands should do
Facebook has begun to let brands claim Community Pages as their own, something that was previously a significant issue for many organizations. While companies cannot claim an unlimited number of community pages as their own, this is a great feature for brands who had numerous community Pages that weren’t under their control.

How to claim your page:

  • Search for your organization on Facebook to see if there is a Community Page for your organization. If you can’t find one, try searching from someone else’s Facebook account who is not an Admin or does not “Like” your organization’s Official Page.
  • Once you have found the community page click on the link at the bottom which states “Is This Your Page?”.
  • You will be brought through a verification process to confirm that you are truly the owner of the Page. Confirm you own the page.

Alternatively, you may create your own Community Page on Facebook.