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Considerations for an Online Strategy

Digital marketing has brought along many changes and at the top of the list is consumer behavior. This change in behavior is providing the opportunity for the consumers to engage with the brand irrespective of the advertising message. So when putting together your digital strategy you need to consider the expectations and habits of your consumers. Here are a couple of important things to remember:

Search Rather Than Navigate
If you want to find the price of Rice Krispies on, do you:
Option 1
Click into “Groceries,” then into “Cereal,” then into “Cold Cereal,” then into “Kid’s Cereals,” then back to “Cold Cereal” because it wasn’t in “Kid’s Cereals,” then into “Kellogg’s,” etc.
Option 2
Simply type “rice krispies” into the search at the top of the page?

I would guess that most of you said No. 2. The trend toward searching rather than navigating is irreversible because it’s faster, more efficient, and in the users own terms.

Real Time Information Now Rather Than Later
One thing that most people will find hard to argue about is the fact that people have become increasingly impatient. They want information now, not later. Real time information is slowly taking over more and more of consumer’s lives. With the improvement of mobile phone technology you no longer have to wait to get back to your computer to find a restaurant review or to find the nearest hotel to your location.

Trusted Sources for Information
The rise of social media has made it increasingly easy to ask friends or peers advice regarding purchases. Consumers trust the information from advertisers a lot less than they would trust reviews, comments and recommendations from other users. From recommendation engines, to blogs, to customized start pages, today's 'connected consumer' navigates a landscape that is much more niche and personalized than we ever expected.