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As many of us forget about our New Year's resolutions made so vehemently last month, yes… can you believe it is already the end of February…the one area you can be assured of that is not forgotten is social media and the impact that it is having on the communications industry. Brands are listening, testing and starting to understand that the social platforms provide a complex but great CRM tool and if a well-planned strategy that shows sustainability, is implemented there can be much success. Those who are still using social for campaign bursts will soon learn that this does not make for long term client relationships and prolongs the acquisition phase and costs to a Brand.
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An Insight into good Web Design Social Media Infograph Index
By Maliza Booysen By Mangosuthu Malinga
Web design is a very intricate job, and requires a certain level of expertise. According to our developers and designers, they keep a few things in mind. Recently, there has been a number of 'infographs' released by numerous online publishers. These charts show the impacts of social media in 2010 and all relevant trends online to expect this year.
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Bottling The Noise
Brought to you by saidWot
Bottling The Noise is a saidWot initiative to educate & enrich a marketing or advertising executives' understanding of online reputation management and social media.
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Online Trends to watch for 2011 Our choice of books to inspire you
By Mangosuthu Malinga By Nick de Klerk
A collection of Interesting Online Trends have been lined up for the year 2011. As social networking and other online marketing forms continued to grow in 2010, we definitely expect this trend to continue developing. Reading is probably one of the most powerful sources of knowledge out there. Nowadays people are browsing the web, reading blogs, online magazines, online newspapers, and the odd book once in a while.
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Social Media Revolution
Feature Video: Social Media is no longer a fad.
This video details out social media facts and figures that are hard to ignore. It includes updated social media & mobile statistics. Based on the book SocialEconomics by Erik Qualman.