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Online PR & Reputation Management Strategies

Online PR strategies focus on the shift in media consumption and how the use of new technologies affects the practice of public relations.

It offers the advantage of consistent proactive engagement with online communities. It also increases brand awareness while driving additional traffic to the website.

You need to know where your target market hangs out, what they’re talking about and what they currently think about your company or product. This allows you to identify trends, analyse how strong your brand’s presence is online, and understand the factors that influence it. It’s like making sure you know all the gossip!
Once you’re aware of the perceptions of your consumers, it’s essential to take part in the conversations. Companies need to show consumers they understand, are listening and responding to them in their territory. A plan of action is needed to reduce damage or increase visibility of the company, product or brand. It doesn't stop there.  Constant monitoring is required to determine the success or failures and realign strategies accordingly.

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